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Hi there. I'm Tycoonlover1359, but you can call me Tycoon. Welcome to my website.

I'm gamer and web developer. I specialize in connecting front ends with back ends, especially in cases where no one thought that a certain front end could connect to a back end. I'm especially a fan of Amazon Web Services, or AWS. For as long as I've been a web developer, I have enjoyed using AWS far more than competing options such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

I enjoy making everything I can myself (with some help from StackOverflow, YouTube and some internet searching), and I do so using either Roblox Lua (for things I build on Roblox) or Python (for everything but Roblox). With the exception of many of the images here (basically all the ones that don't include my Minecraft character) and the CSS I used (which, if you're wondering, I use the Bulma CSS Framework), I made the rest of the site myself.

The site itself is a relatively lightweight Python-Flask web application, and it's hosted on HelioHost—a free (and very good) online web host.

Alrighty. That's enough about me. Why don't you take a look around?


Minecraft Title Screen
3D Minecraft Block


From Mojang Studios

As of August 2020, Minecraft is the world's best selling game—and I've been playing it since 2014. I've played on numerous servers, big and small. From the largest, such as Hypixel, to private modded Minecraft servers, I enjoy playing with friends (and non-friends); Minecraft is also where I get to show off my Redstone and logical know-how.
Roblox Gameplay
Roblox Logo


From the Roblox Corporation

Since before I got Minecraft, I've also been playing Roblox. In the time I've been on Roblox, I've always loved and enjoyed playing nearly any tycoon game on the platform—you might be able to guess where my username came from. Since then, I've started developing on the platform, mainly as a Web Developer, integrating things into Roblox that some never thought imaginable.


Amazon Web Services Management Console
Amazon Web Services Smile Logo

Amazon Web Services

From Amazon, Inc.

Amazon Web Services is an extemely powerful service that offers high availability and durability of near anything you can do on the platform. Ever since I've been a web developer, I've used (or thought about how I can use) AWS in nearly all my projects—either to save on a certain resource, or because I want to tinker with something. Many scoff at the idea of using AWS for anything but business or enterprise grade applications, but I think that with careful planning and coding, AWS is a great way to boost even the simplest of projects.
Python Website
Python Logo


From the Python Software Foundation

I've been coding with Python ever since May of 2020, when I decided to learn it during the Coronavirus epidemic. Since then, Python has become my favorite programming language of any that I've used or experimented with. Python's simple but powerful syntax is an absolute joy for me to use—and I can use it to do nearly anything I can imagine. I enjoy Python so much that I even used it to power the website you're looking at right now.
Roblox Developer Website
Roblox Logo

Roblox Lua

From the Roblox Corporation

The Roblox Platform's programming language is a heavily modified version of the Lua programming language—often dubbed Roblox Lua. Being that Roblox Lua is based on Lua, it features a fairly low learning curve, making starting on the platform incredibly simple for incoming developers. Despite its simplicity, developers have made incredible games on the platform. Since I'm a web developer and a fan of AWS, I've even made a Roblox Lua-compatible version of the AWS SDK, based on AWS' own Boto3 SDK, called Roblo3.

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